How To Choose The Best Rocker Bottom Shoes For Men And Women

Wearing regular-soled shoes can cause pain or worsen conditions like plantar fasciitis and arthritis. Fortunately, some shoes replace the function of a particular foot joint to alleviate pain: rocker bottom shoes!

Rocker bottom shoes have thick rounded heels and arched soles to reduce pain for those with medical foot conditions. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about these shoes as well as the best rocker bottom shoes for men and women!


What To Look For In The Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

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Rocker bottom shoes offer therapeutic benefits for people who suffer from conditions like foot ulcers, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and others. They are also ideal in pain prevention for people who spend a lot of their time walking or standing.

However, not all rocker bottom shoes are made the same. There are a few important factors to consider before you make a purchase:

Your Foot Type

All feet can be categorized into foot types.

  • Healthy foot types can benefit from rocker bottom shoes as they assist in exercise and muscle training. However, walking or standing in rocker bottom shoes for an extended period can do more harm than good for these types.
  • Another foot type group are those with medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, flat-footedness, and hallux rigidus. Constant use of rocker bottom shoes help relieve pain or alleviate the symptoms of these conditions.

The Biomechanics, Softness, And Rigidness Of Shoes

Podiatrists recommend rockers for people with foot conditions that affect their internal rockers or foot joints. The biomechanics of particular shoes should also be put into consideration to prevent or treat these conditions.

Wearing rocker shoes for short periods facilitate the repair and healing of the internal rockers, but long-term use may render the internal rockers non-functional.

This biomechanics of the shoes is determined by the softness or rigidity of the insoles. Softer insoles do all the work for your internal rockers and make them non-functional while harder or firmer insoles aid in the renewal and repair of your internal rockers.

So, if you have these conditions, make sure to consult your podiatrist before purchasing rocker bottom shoes.

The Types Of Rocker Bottom Soles

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Rocker bottom shoes come with different types of soles that are intended for specific functions and purposes. The best rocker bottom shoes for you will depend on your needs and the corresponding type of soles:

Heel To Toe

These are thickest the farther back and are intended to limit ankle and midfoot movement. They also lessen the impact on the heels by allowing the foot to roll quickly off the heels. These are ideal for people with midfoot or ankle arthritis. They also help avoid overstretching of the plantar fascia.


These are placed behind the metatarsal heads. They immobilize the toe joints and relieves pressure under the balls of the feet. These are ideal for alleviating pain in the balls of the foot or for reducing arthritis of the big toe.


​These are designed to absorb impact away from the plantar midfoot. They are recommended for people who have limited midfoot mobility or Charcot plantar prominences. To know more details about Charcot plantar, please watch this video:

Ankle Joint

These soles restrict the motion of the ankle joints by being thicker in the midfoot and heel section. They lessen the impact at the heel strike and are meant to be used by individuals with limited back and front ankle mobility, ankle fusion, or ankle arthritis.


These stabilize the gait, increase propulsion, reduces energy consumption, and reduce pain and pressure on the metatarsals.

Toe Only

These are ideal for individuals with ulcer over their metatarsal heads because they shift the load to the surrounding weight-bearing areas of the foot.

Negative Heel

Negative heel rocker soles remove the weight from your forefoot and transfer it to the rearfoot and midfoot. Through this, a heel gait is encouraged, and the forefoot is kept in dorsiflexion. This is good for pain mitigation in people with plantar ulcerations, chronic forefoot overloads, and heavy callous.

​Severe Angle

This rocker sole type relieves conditions like hammer toes, metatarsal head ulcers, an ulcer on the distal part of the sole, and hallux rigidus by removing all the weight bearing forces in front of the metatarsal head.

Best Rocker Bottom Shoes For Men

Take a look at these rocker-bottom shoe options:

1. ​​Skechers Sport Men's Shape Ups XT All Day Comfort Sneaker

Skechers Sport Men's Shape Ups XT All Day Comfort Sneaker

Skechers is a trusted brand known to produce some of the best-looking and feature-filled shoes, one of which is the Skechers Sport Men’s Shape-Ups XT. These Athletic walking shoes feature a faux leather and textile upper for durability and synthetic overlays for added support.

A mesh fabric toe box, perforations on the upper, as well as mesh panels on the tongue and heel allow air to flow through, so your feet stay cool and dry. The padded collar and tongue, memory foam air cooled cushion insoles, and a soft fabric lining adds cushioning and comfort.

Ensure a secure, snug, and comfortable fit with the lace-up closure system. Pull loops on the heels also make putting on and taking off so easy.

​Thanks to the rigid polyurethane frame, your feet receive ample support to prevent rolling, sliding, or slipping. The Kinetic Wedge midsole with soft foam absorbs impact, and the rocker outsole is made with sculpted rubber for grip and durability.


  • ​Among the most comfortable sneakers out in the market
  • Durable, high-quality construction
  • Comes from a well-known and trusted brand​