How To Choose The Top 5 Best Leg Press Machines And Everything Else You Need To Know

Yes, squats are great for leg day, but the leg press also has its own benefits and advantages. Because they allow you to work with heavier weights, reduce the risk of injury, and isolate specific muscle groups, leg press machines are must-have gym equipment.

Everything you need to know about the leg press machine is written here, along with tips in performing leg presses properly and how to choose your pick among the five best leg press machines on the market today.

How To Make The Most Out Of The Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise

The deltoid muscles must be engaged in different angles to actually grow in size and develop strength. Once you achieve this, your shoulders will not only look amazing, but you will also improve your posture and control while weightlifting or doing other upper body exercises.

While seated bent-over rear delt raises are known to be great for shoulder muscles, many people find the exercise daunting.

But do not worry! In the next sections, I will help you understand the idea behind the exercise better, lay down its benefits, and teach you the proper form and execution to minimize the risks. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and let’s get started!

The Best Hack Squat Alternative Exercises

The hack squat is a great way to develop the lower body, some on a hack squat machine. While it is many people’s go-to exercise for leg day, it can be pretty cruel and even dangerous for some.

So, what do you do if you do not want to become like Johnny Bravo with well-built arms and upper body but with chicken legs? Look for hack squat alternatives! Many other exercises give you similar results minus the bad stuff.

Read on to understand why hack squats are not for everyone and what exercises you can do instead!

Which Model Is The Best Rower For You? A Concept 2 Rower Review

Concept 2 is the leading manufacturer of indoor rowing machines, especially the most popular and top-rated Model D. In this Concept 2 Rower Review, we will compare the models D and E to help you decide which one would be the best fit for your needs!

Both models have the same quality and excellent construction with a few key differences. Read on for a detailed breakdown of their other specifications that you need to know! 

Is The Hammer Strength Chest Press Really Helpful? How And Why?

When you are dealing with weights, it’s a never-ending argument whether it is better to use machines or free weights. Some people prefer weights because these result in more growth and target the primary muscle group and secondary muscles as well as stabilizing muscles.

However, some people argue that machines are better since they minimize the risk of injury (in fact, they are used for the rehabilitation of injuries!) and make it easier to isolate a specific muscle at a certain angle.  Machines are also more beginner-friendly.

If you are also torn between these two methods, good news! A Hammer Strength chest press combines the benefits of both minus the drawbacks! It gives you the control like a machine does and also allows you to pile on more weight for growth that no dumbbell or barbell can provide.

Your Ultimate Guide In Choosing The Best Cornhole Boards

What I love about cornhole a.k.a. sack toss is that the rules are pretty easy to understand and you do not need much to have the whole family entertained. You just need corn-filled bags, a particular board with a hole or two, and you’re good to go!

While the equipment seems simple enough to get hold of or maybe even make on your own, I find that buying pre-made stuff saves me a lot of time and money. But there are so many options in the market, and I didn’t know what to look for.

Fortunately for you, I did all the research and came up with the five best cornhole boards you can find! I put them all in one place, including the features you should look for before making a purchase. So, keep reading to get started!

3 Awesome Pectus Excavatum Exercises: Benefits + How To

Pectus excavatum is a congenital deformity of the chest wall, causing the breastbone to sink inward. It can pose many health issues like heart problems and breathing difficulties, while also affecting one’s self-esteem.

The ideal corrective measure for severe pectus excavatum is surgery. However, for mild and moderate cases, physical training and exercise can help reduce the depth of the cavity and minimize the complications.

Keep reading to know more about this condition and how these five pectus excavatum exercises can benefit you!

Calisthenics Exercises List: What Are The Exercises You Need To Know?

When people talk about working out, the first thoughts that would come to mind would be exercises that require lifting or carrying heavy weights.

Most people think that the best way to develop their muscles and boost their strength and endurance is to make use of weights. But did you know that there is an exercise that can help you achieve the same thing using just bodyweight alone?

Yes, you read that right. There is an exercise that allows you to build muscles without any need for weights or gym visits. What is this? This is what we call calisthenics.

In this article, let us discover what calisthenics is and how it can benefit us. In addition, you'll also see the exercises you should include in your calisthenics exercises list.

The Best Tennis Strings Of 2020 Revealed!

The strings are the heart and soul of your tennis racquet. No matter how expensive or high quality your racquet is, it will be put to waste if you will not use the right tennis string for it.

Lucky for you, I have already done my research about finding the best tennis strings. I will share with you what I have discovered below.

Find The Best Running Shoes For Metatarsalgia Here!

Metatarsalgia is one foot injury that is common with joggers, runners, and other athletes. If you are suffering from this condition, you would surely want to find relief from the pain and inflammation that come with it. The best way to do that is to use the right type and size of shoes.

To find the best shoes for metatarsalgia, I suggest that you read the comprehensive review and detailed buying guide that I have prepared for you below.