DIY Guide to Hang Gym Wall Mirrors for Your Home Gym at Ease

Fitness is critical for your well-being. Not only does it have physical benefits, but also it plays a vital role in promoting good mental health. You should have fitness in your daily routine. You can either sign up for a gym or even create your gym at home.

Equipping your gym with the right is vital for a fruitful fitness journey. One of the items that should not be missed in your home gym is a gym mirror.

Why Gym Wall Mirrors for Home Gym?

A wall mirror in your gym will have the following benefits.

1. Illusion of space

Due to their reflective properties, gym mirrors reflect light and objects, creating an illusion of space. If you do not have too much space in your home, you might need wall mirrors. They will make your home gym look spacious and less cramped. Airiness in your gym can create a positive workout environment. Cramped spaces may make you uncomfortable.

2. They help in preventing injuries

Maintaining the right posture while working out is critical. Note that if you are not maintaining the proper posture, you might get injuries and be more susceptible to fatigue. The injuries may force you to put fitness to a halt for some time for you to recover. Fatigue, on the other hand, may lead you to not dedicating enough time to fitness.

3. Body alignment

If you do not have a personal trainer, you can self-train using a gym mirror. Working out while looking at yourself in the gym mirror can help you achieve the right body alignment. Note that your fitness sessions are only effective when you have the proper body alignment.

4. Motivation

Remember that you have goals for your fitness program. It could be weight loss, building muscles, or achieving a lean body. Regardless of the goals, tracking your progress is essential. It is the best source of motivation to carry on with your fitness routine. Having wall mirrors in your home gym can help you track the progress of your efforts.

You will be able to take note of the changes in your body every day. 

5. Aesthetics

Everyone loves to work in a space that looks good. A gym mirror in your home gym can instantly enhance the aesthetics of the area. Not only will it add brightness, but it will also make your space look elegant. This will motivate you to spend more time in the room.

A home gym mirror is a practical and aesthetic accessory that you must have. Installing a gym mirror is also very easy. All you need is a DIY guide and the right materials and tools.

Essential tools and materials you need for this DIY project

Here is a list of the materials and tools you will need to install a wall mirror in your home gym. 

  1. A drilling machine to drill holes for fastening screws.
  2. Anchor screws. These are useful for providing support at the bottom of the wall mirror.
  3. Mirror clips
  4. Screws
  5. Mirror glue
  6. Foam padding to create space between the mirror and the wall
  7. Electric stud finder.
  8. Lead pencil
  9. Measuring tape

How to hang Gym Wall Mirror?

Installing a gym wall mirror entails the following simple steps.

1. Prepare the wall for hanging

The first step will be to find a suitable point on the wall to install the mirror. Once you identify it, you should prepare it for installation by cleaning the surface. Use alcohol and a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface. 

2. Use the stud detector to find the framing of the wall

The installation should be done on the studs of the wall for the mirror to be held firmly in position. Using the electric stud finder, locate the studs. Work slowly on the wall for the detector to effectively locate where the studs are. Using the lead pencil, mark every point where the sensor blinks red: this is where the studs are.

3. Drill into the studs

The studs are strong enough to support heavy objects. That is why you should install the mirror on them. Using the drill machine, drill carefully into the studs, and withdraw the machine slowly once you make the holes. While drilling holes for the lower part of the mirror, measure at least 1ft from the floor. That is if you are not looking to have the mirror touching the floor.

4. Install the Anchor Screws

While drilling holes for the anchor screws, ensure that you use a drilling bit that is smaller than the end of the screw. This will ensure that the anchor screw is firmly held into the wall, and it provides enough support for the mirror. Install plastic anchors into the wall stud and push it in.

5. Install the mirror

Ensure that the spacing between the holes in the mirror is equal to the ones on the wall. Accuracy is essential during installation. To remember the installation point, take measurements, and mark them with a pencil.

Once you have all the holes ready, apply the mirror glue at the back of the mirror and attach the foam padding. Give it several minutes to stick well in the mirror.

Once ready, carefully hang the mirror on the wall, start by screwing in the anchor screws at the bottom edge of the mirror. Secure the mirror by ensuring that the screws are correctly fitted.

Once you are done with the anchors, install the mirror clips on the holes you prepared. Ensure that the mirror is well secured.

Bottom Line

While installing the gym wall mirror, you should be patient and meticulous with the measurements. Also, be careful and gentle to prevent the mirror from breaking while doing the job. This will help you get a neat result.

A wall mirror in your home gym will enhance your fitness experience. With the right materials and the DIY guide, you will find an easy time doing the installation.

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What is Kailo? Does Kailo Pain Patch Really Work?

You can feel pain for many reasons. And to get relief from pain, I am sure you take medicine as a quick solution. Though medicine relieves you from pain, it has so many side effects. This is why the manufacturer comes with a new solution.

How do you feel when you get a one-tap solution like a switch for pain relief? I am talking about the Kailo patch. Do you know what Kailo is? Does Kailo pain patch really work? To know about this new technology, you can take a look at the content. You can read the Kailo review as well.

What is Kailo?

Let’s come to the point. What is Kailo? In short, this is a nontoxic pain relief patch that works faster on your body. Normally, when you feel pain in our body area, at first, we take medicine or use the balm on the affected area. Those may be the best solution for instant, but your pain will come back.

Also, taking pain relief medicine affects your body. For this, we have a smart solution for you. That is the Kailo patch. This device is drug-free and has a unique design. In the patch, you will find billions of nano capacitors that work together.

And this work process is known as bio-antenna. Through these capacitors, you can get relief from pain naturally. Using this patch is completely easy and you will feel no existence after attaching with your body. This patch is also known as an anti-inflammatory patch among the users.

How does this Kailo patch work?

When you choose the Kailo patch, you must be curious to know how this patch actually works on our body. Because of the quick remedy with a minimum price, people want to learn. Well, here is how this patchworks.

As we mentioned earlier the Kailo patch uses nanotechnology. Now explaining this whole technological method may not be easy for everyone. So, we tried our best to keep the explaining method simple. When we feel pain, most of the signal comes from our brain.

So, when we attach the patch on our body, this nanotechnology sends the signal to our brain to stop the pain. This method is also known as bio-antenna. This signal works so effectively that it stops the pain on your body immediately. This is the basic science behind the pain relief through the Kailo patch.

Does Kailo pain patch really work?

In the world of duplicate products, this is a legit question people often asked. Does this patch really work on our body? Well, in my experience at first I also doubted the product. Then I search for the Kailo review and get a positive complaint about the product.

Yes, the Kailo patch really works on our body and gives you quick relief from pain. It is a non-invasive patch and equipped with lots of nano capacitors. This nano capacitor works with the brain and uses bio-antenna for quick relief.

You need to properly use this patch, or else you will not get the result you want. This patch is lightweight and you will not feel anything while using it on your body. For better feeling, this patch uses synthetic coating made with polyester to give you relax from pain.

Unique Features of Kailo Patch

We already inform you that Kailo is far better than medicines, as there is no reaction from this patch. Besides this, there are so many exclusive features that I would like to attach here.


If you think, the Kailo patch only you can use on one part of your body, then you get the wrong information about that. You can use this patch everywhere you want. Even if you are afraid to use it directly on your skin, you can apply on your cloth.


This device is not like another gadget. It is sustainable and you can use it for a longer period of time. For random use, it will be good to change the patch. For greater results change it every week. The durability of this gadget is good and provides long term performance on your pain.


Though this patch uses nanotechnology and it has a thin layer but you can easily use it under the water. If you are feeling pain on the leg or the neck area, just open the patch and set it on your affected area. As this gadget is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about damaging this patch.


People always think that, because of nanomaterials on this patch, its price is not affordable. But the truth is, you can easily get this patch. Besides a reasonable price, this patch provides long-term benefits. You can say goodbye to your pain permanently within a very reasonable price.

Quick Remedy

When we take medicine, it takes a minimum of half an hour to affect our body. But, with this nano patch Kailo you can quickly get relief from pain. This patch takes only a few seconds to disappear from the pain. So, for faster pain relief this one is awesome.

Benefits of Kailo On Our Body

As we mentioned about the whole work process of Kailo and how it works to reduce pain, now you can learn about some benefits of Kailo.

  • This is a nanotechnological device that is very simple and easy to use.
  • You can get faster relief from your pain.
  • Product durability is longer than you think and it can sustain for years.
  • You can also use this patch on water and there will be no damage issue.
  • One of the best natural pain relief devices with no side effects.
  • This patch is completely dragged and chemical-free. So, you will not feel any dizziness.

Final Thought

For quick relief, we always choose to take medicine. Sometimes use the balm in the pain area. But then I learn about the Kailo patch. When I heard about the Kailo patch, the first thing that came to my mind is “What is Kailo?” Does Kailo pain patch really work? Though the patch was a portable and small device I was confused about the performance.

Also, the reasonable price makes me think twice about this product. But, after using the product and reading the Kailo review I get a positive vibe on this product. Now, in every place, I can use this product. Even while swimming, if I feel pain, this patch helps me immediately.  If you want a product that works like a magic go for the Kailo Patch.

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Will CoolSculpting Tighten Your Arm Skin?

Coolsculpting is the newest trend on the market right now for reducing stubborn areas of body fat, but how useful is it?

If you haven’t heard about coolsculpting yet – where have you been? But, don’t worry, read on to have all your questions answered.

CoolSculpting – What Is It?

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive, and non-surgical cosmetic procedure. This means that it doesn’t break this skin barrier, no scalpels are involved, and it also means that no anaesthesia is required.


Due to these factors, coolsculpting is a procedure that can be done in a short period of time, and there is no recovery time.

A patient can come to the clinic, have the treatment performed, and leave within a few hours and continue on their normal daily routines.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting was originally the brainchild of two Harvard scientists, who observed how fat cells were killed in response to cold.

From here, they found that the use of cryolipolysis could be utilised to target specific areas of body fat, and help the body to remove the fat itself.

It works by targeting an area of unwanted body fat with freezing temperatures. The fat cells are frozen, and they then die, and the body removes the dead cells in the same way it removes all unwanted material from the body.

A patient has the unwanted area of fat placed between two panels, and the panels are then reduced to a temperature of freezing, or just above.

The temperature is measured exactly so that it only harms fat cells, and does no damage to other bodily tissues in the same area.

Sounds Great! What Are the Results Like?

Coolsculpting works quite slowly compared to other fat loss procedures such as liposuction, as the body has to remove the dead fat itself, unlike lipo, where the surgeon physically removes the fat themselves.

Coolsculpting reduces fat in the area by up to 25%, but do not expect to see results immediately, you will start to notice a difference about two weeks after the procedure, with the final results being seen at five to six months post treatment.

Coolsculpting is ideal for areas that hold on to stubborn fat, such as the abdominal area, thighs, lower back and under the chin.

Another common use is having an arm area CoolSculpting. The upper arm is a notorious area for being difficult to remove fat from.

The good thing about coolsculpting is the slow pace at removing fat. This means that any skin in the area has the chance to constrict to the new body shape, rather than having lots of loose, baggy skin that can be seen with such procedures as liposuction.

So, although coolsculpting itself doesn’t tighten skin, as the fat slowly disappears from the treated area, the skin naturally tightens, which can be helped by exercises for that area.

Sounds Amazing! Are There Any Downsides?

CoolSculpting does sound great doesn’t it! Many people are drawn to coolsculpting because it can be done in a few hours, and there is no recovery time, meaning it barely interrupts your busy life.

Coolsculpting does come at a cost though, with the average session costing between $1500 to $2500, depending on the area being treated. Some areas take longer than others.

There are some side effects to be aware of as well, although coolsculpting is generally thought of as a very safe procedure.

At the time of the treatment, the initial cold feeling can be uncomfortable, and there is likely to be some tugging and pulling sensations on the area, which some people find slightly unpleasant.

In the first few days post treatment, many people experience some redness and swelling, with occasional bruising and soreness, but this goes away without any treatment quite quickly.

There have been rare reports of completely losing sensation at the area that has been treated, but returns without intervention in 14 – 21 days.

There are very rare incidences of coolsculpting causing more fat to be deposited at the treatment site, with further treatments of coolsculpting only exacerbating this.

The reasons behind this are unclear, but what is known is that liposuction is needed in these cases to remove the unwanted fat.

However, it should be noted that this complication is very rare, and only happens in a handful of people, more men than women, but still very few people.

If you decide that coolsculpting is something you want to pursue, make sure to find a reputable, licensed clinic, and have a thorough consultation beforehand with a doctor you trust.

Sissy Squats – What Are They? How To Do Them? Why Are They Called That?

Sissy squats.. what the heck are those and why are they called that?

For years, this exercise has been overlooked and underestimated and just now has it started to gain some popularity back in the bodybuilding world.

But are they really for sissies or are they just called that?

Here we are going to go over this exercise, tell you how to do it, and tell you why they are named Sissy Squats.

Best Apartment Workout Equipment

A gym membership is going to be expensive and it'll never stop. Once you've signed up, you'll have to pay that monthly fee until you've canceled your membership. This is why many consumers are eager to find a suitable alternative.

Live in an apartment and fit into this category? Then you should think about creating your own home gym. The only problem is that you live in an apartment and your space is most probably severely limited. Don't worry about that. There are many pieces of workout equipment that will make your apartment gym effective, convenient, and will spare you the cost of monthly gym membership fees.

Below, you'll learn more about some of the best workout equipment for your apartment gym.

Best Workout Equipment For Apartments

Punching Bag

By far the most superior piece of workout equipment that most apartment livers and small space goers should invest in is a punching bag. A punching bag is in my opinion one of the best pieces of workout equipment not only for apartments but for any size workout space.

Punching bags allow you to get a full body workout that not only allows you to improve your cardio but also allows you to work on your strength as well.

You have two options for type of punching bags: Hanging Heavy Bag, Free Standing Punching Bag

However, you have to understand that some punching bags are not suitable for apartments. You have to know where to look and what to look for when you are choosing your apartment punching bag. You want to make sure that it of course will fit, but that it is also quite along with several other things that most people forget to look for.

When choosing your apartment punching bag keep in mind, you likely won't be able to hang a heavy punching bag overhead in your apartment somewhere. Well at least most won’t be able to. If you can’t hang a heavy bag punching bag then instead of a heavy bag, you'll want to buy a freestanding punching bag.

Free standing punching bags are usually the type that most people go with, and is the type of punching bag that SmartMMA recommends for people trying to find a compact punching bag for their apartment that will not take up a bunch of space.

Also, make sure that you choose one that will remain firmly on the ground at all times. You don't want the platform sliding around and destroying your floors. Regardless, you'll love your new punching bag. It'll ensure that you're able to exercise at home and get a great workout.

Since punching bags are inexpensive, they make great additions to any modern gym.

Compact Bodyweight Home Gym

You'll likely want to take things one step further. If this is the case, you should think about purchasing a compact bodyweight home gym. The possibilities are endless but you'll want to stick with one of the most popular models.

For instance, you'll find that the Total Gym XLS and the Weider Ultimate Bodyworks are great for this purpose. The only downside is the fact that these products are expensive so they might not be suitable for your budget. Nevertheless, they'll prove to be well worth it.

With some, you'll be able to perform more than 80 exercises with one piece of equipment. This ensures that you'll be able to strengthen your legs, arms, shoulders, and so much more. The Total Gym XLS measures 19" by 51" by 9" when folded making it perfect for apartments of all sizes. Other similar products are compact as well.

If you're serious about strengthening your body and losing weight, you need to buy one of these products.

Pull Up And Dip Bar

Using your body weight to strengthen your muscles is wise. This is a cost-effective solution to the problem and it is a good choice for anyone living in an apartment. With this in mind, you should think about purchasing a pull-up and dip bar.

You can choose from various models but most of them are great for apartments. You'll likely want to stay away from the freestanding models since they might be too big for your apartment. Instead, you might be better off with a bar that fits in your doorway. This keeps things out of the way and ensures you're able to get a good workout.

With this equipment, you'll be able to develop your arm and shoulder muscles. Just remember that some equipment can damage your walls. Therefore, you need to take precautions and choose the right equipment. Do that and you'll be satisfied with the decision you made.

Adjustable Dumbbells

You'll want to take advantage of dumbbells. Once you have a few dumbbells, you'll be able to develop your arm muscles while sitting on the couch and watching television. However, you live in an apartment so you likely don't have room for a large dumbbell rack. And, you don't want to stick with two or three weights. To avoid this problem, you should make the upgrade to adjustable dumbbells. They're far more compact than the alternatives so you can guarantee that they'll fit into your apartment easily.

With adjustable dumbbells, you'll be able to set the weight in seconds. This makes things much easier for you and it consumes less space. Do some research so you can add great adjustable dumbbells to your apartment's gym. Make sure that you can adjust the weights fluidly and that they won't fall off the bar during the middle of your exercise.



You'll find that most professional athletes like using kettlebells. The reasons for this are numerous and versatile. Kettlebells are excellent for burning calories, enhancing your range of motion, and strengthening your body. This is why so many professionals prefer using these products. Kettlebells are great for your home gym too and they don't take up a lot of space. However, you'll need to find the sizes that are going to work best for you. Kettlebells are similar to dumbbells. You'll want a few but not too many.

Therefore, you should choose weights that work best for you. Most people won't need 35-pound kettlebells right away. Stick with the lower weights until you've built your strength and endurance. This will prevent you from adding too much equipment to your apartment gym immediately.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a must for in-apartment gyms. The band should be constructed of durable but flexible materials. You will have several options to choose from, some come with handles while others do not. It is up to you to decide which design is more suitable for your workout needs and preferences.

Resistance bands offer many fitness benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to, muscle strengthening and toning, and improved flexibility, stretching, and mobility. It does not require a lot of space to utilize a resistance band. In fact, you can utilize it in a compact bathroom or inside of a closet if there are no more options available.

Jump Rope

Even if your apartment is compact with only a single bedroom, it is possible to jump rope. This type of exercise can prove valuable when losing extra poundage, building cardio, and improving coordination.

You can purchase a jump rope at your local retail store or health and fitness shop. Just make sure it is adjustable with ergonomic handles. This design will allow you to create a fit that is ideal for your body stature and ensure comfort and full control even if you jump rope for over 15 minutes with each workout.

The only potential downside to utilizing a jump rope inside a small apartment is the low ceiling height. Jumping rope inside your apartment will require adequate space, especially in the area above your head. Your ceilings must be at least 10 feet in height to provide enough room for your jump rope.

Exercise Ball

Whether you're working out or working on the computer, you'll want to think about using an exercise ball. It might look like a toy but it isn't.

With an exercise ball, you'll receive numerous benefits. When sitting at your computer, an exercise ball can help you burn calories, perfect your posture, and ease your back pain. Plus, you can use your exercise ball for various workouts. They'll help you get more from pushups and chest presses.

Using an exercise ball is a good way to strengthen your core. Since they're small and inexpensive, exercise balls are a good option for anyone who is going to be working out in their apartment.

Aerobic Platform

You'll also want to think about benefiting from step aerobics. With a good aerobic platform, you'll be able to take your ordinary exercises to a new level. Step aerobics provides you with a high-intensity workout that you're going to love. And, this exercise offers various benefits. For instance, it can help you gain more strength while reducing fat.

The compact size ensures that you'll be able to hide the stepper when you're not using it. If you have a gym in your apartment and you're looking for something different, the aerobic platform or stepper will do the trick.

Exercise Mat

Another piece of equipment that is a necessity for on-site gyms is an exercise mat. This equipment will provide you with a comfortable area to perform floor exercises, such as plants, sit-ups, booty kicks, and push-ups. You don't need a large gym mat but it does need to be big enough to fit your entire body.

You must decide what thickness will suit your preferences and needs best before making an initial purchase. Gym mats are available in various sizes and thicknesses. Just keep in mind, the thicker the gym mat, the more comfort and support it will provide. This is especially true for apartments with laminate, type, or hardwood flooring. The thickness will not matter so much if your flooring is carpet.

Workout Bench


A workout bench is not considered a necessity in home settings. But, it can provide much-needed stability and support when lifting weights and doing push-ups. This type of exercise equipment can also help ensure proper body positions when performing different exercises.

Workout benches are available in different sizes and designs. You do not need a large bench but it does need to have an adjustable backrest and foam foot pad rollers. This design will help when obtaining and maintaining proper body positions.

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Wearing regular-soled shoes can cause pain or worsen conditions like plantar fasciitis and arthritis. Fortunately, some shoes replace the function of a particular foot joint to alleviate pain: rocker bottom shoes!

Rocker bottom shoes have thick rounded heels and arched soles to reduce pain for those with medical foot conditions. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about these shoes as well as the best rocker bottom shoes for men and women!

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Lifting weights can cause pain or discomfort on the elbows especially if you have previous injuries or suffer from conditions like tennis or golf elbows. Fortunately, elbow sleeves are here to save the day!

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