Looking For The Best Tennis Bag? Find Out Everything You Need To Know In This Guide!

Whether you are a beginner or a pro tennis player, you will need a tennis bag that will satisfy your needs. The best tennis bag will not only let you play in stylebut also keep your stuff organized in one place. But how do you choose the right one? Keep reading to find out!


How To Choose A Tennis Bag ? The Things To Consider

tennis bag with racquet

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a tennis bag. These include the size, material, pockets, capacity, and more. With so many choices out there, it’s so easy to get lost and overwhelmed. So, I listed down what I think are the most important factors to consider to help you out!

1. Backpack, Wheelie, Or Hand And Shoulder Carry?

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a tennis bag or any bag for whatever purpose is to know how you intend to carry it. Carrying heavy gear and equipment in tennis the wrong way will not only be a hassle but can also injure or damage your shoulders.

Tennis bags either come with a carrying handle, straps, or wheels. While backpacks help distribute weight on your back and shoulders, they fit fewer racquets. Most backpacks can accommodate only up to two racquets.

Most bags with handles nowadays are designed to carry three or more racquets plus other things you need like shoes, a change of clothes, and valuables.

If you don’t like the idea of carrying a bag in your hand, shoulders, or back, why not consider one with wheels? This is ideal for pro players who need to carry a lot of gear like to travel or have to walk long distances to the court.

2. Price

You should also consider the price and value of the bag. If you are a beginner, it doesn’t make sense to spend too much money on a bag. However, pro players may need something that can hold 9 to 12 racquets at once, which will, of course, cost more.

Other factors also affect the price, like the brand, material, functionality, and special features. So, be wise in choosing a tennis bag. Make sure that you’re getting what you pay for, if not getting more value for your hard-earned money.

3. Style

tennis bag

Whenever we talk of bags, style comes at the top of the list of factors to consider. You can choose over tons of colors, patterns, designs, and materials. There are fashionable ladies’ tennis bags, adorable bags for teens and kids, or sleek and modern designs.

It’s not a priority for me, but feel free to choose whatever speaks to you and your personality.

4. Protection

Another function of a tennis bag is protecting your racquets from wear and tear. Many people could spend much on special strings which may cost a lot and would require extra protection. For this, it is best that you look for bags with thermal compartments, molded shells, and sturdy frames to prevent damage during storage and transport.

5. Capacity

When it comes to tennis bags, you can choose from three-packs, six-packs, or twelve-packs. A larger capacity not only means you can fit more racquets but also other stuff. Larger bags also tend to have more pockets and compartments.

Usually, three-packs are ideal for occasional players and beginners, six-packs are for more serious players who need backups, and twelve-packs are used by committed players for tournaments or traveling.

6. Other features

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Modern tennis bags also have amazing features like Thermal Guard technology or Moisture protection to which hold sweat-soaked clothes and shoes while keeping everything else dry. Ventilated shoe compartments also reduce damage on your playing shoes and dirty gear.

The thermal guard uses insulation to protect strings and racquet frame from moisture and weather conditions that can otherwise damage them. Protective thermal linings in racquet compartments help avoid losing string tension.

Pockets and compartments for specific things like keys and accessories are also useful. Padded straps help in carrying the bag while easing pressure on your back or shoulder. Adjustable straps are also a plus.

Best Tennis Bag Reviews

Now that you know what to look for, here are some of my favorite tennis bags that you might find ideal as well!

1. Babolat Club Line X3 Racquet Holder

Babolat Club Line X3 Racquet Holder

First on our list is the Babolat Club Line X3. It’s not only my most favorite but also the one with the best customer feedback among those listed here. It can hold three racquets and has a main compartment for apparel as well as a small zipper side pocket for stashing your items and accessories.

For the ultimate comfort, the adjustable shoulder straps are padded with foam. It also has a handle for when you’d rather hand carry your bag.

This tennis bag is probably the most basic among all tennis bags mentioned in this article since it does not have many features and special offers but it I highly recommend it for its reliability, simplicity, and decent price.

This bag is great for young players, beginners, and intermediate players. You can fit three racquets in the main compartment and keep a bunch of other stuff like a water jug, a towel, and clothes in the smaller pockets.

The zippered outside pocket also lets you keep valuables like your phone, keys, and wallet safe but also easily accessible.

It even comes in many colors including red, blue, pink, white, and yellow so you can choose a color that matches your style.



  • High-quality materials
  • Easy-access front pockets
  • Roomy
  • Great for beginners and young players
  • Light and sturdy
  • Padded adjustable straps
  • A little cheap regarding construction
  • Smaller than what other people hope

2. Adidas Barricade IV Tour 3 Racquet Bag

Adidas Barricade IV Tour 3 Racquet Bag

Next is the Adidas Barricade IV Tour. Like the Babolat Club Line X3, it can hold a maximum of three racquets at a time. It is also the perfect size for me, and probably for most beginner and intermediate players as well.

The bag is made with 100% polyester and high-quality imported materials, so you’re assured that it is durable.

For your comfort, it also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and handles for easily taking it on the go. Just adjust the strap to custom fit to your size.

While the Adidas Barricade IV Tour is a little more expensive, it’s for a good reason. Aside from holding your racquets, it also has a top tricot-lined pocket to keep your media accessories like your mobile phone and iPod or mp3 player safe and easily accessible.

It also features a separate freshPak compartment, a ventilated pocket for keeping your stuff dry. Aside from all these, it has a cool, modern, and sophisticated design. It even comes in two stunning color combinations: black and dark silver and flash pink and black.



  • 100% polyester material